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This website is dedicated to our favorite toy, the online pokerbot. Let's face it: The lower stakes Hold'em tables at most online casinos these days are becoming bot wars, like it or not. It's a game of who's bot can beat who's bot at the micro through 1/2 limits. And it's a fun game! Why not get in there with your own bot and see if you can beat the competition? The best one we've seen is the Shanky Technologies Holdem Bot available at - which works at about ten popular online poker sites, can be easily customized by low-tech poker players, and has an active community of users who share experience and help each other create new profiles. This bot actually plays No Limit cash games extremely well right out of the box, and has good free profiles available for all manner of tournaments. Shanky also sells very impressive bots for Pot-Limit Omaha, both Hi and Hi-Lo.


Types of Poker Bots 


The Shanky bots are near out of the box products; just open them, select a few user options, and let them loose. Perhaps you would find it more fun to design an entire playing profile yourself? You can do that too, by learning to use the simple commands known as PPL (Poker Programming Language). Most poker players pick it up quickly and you don't need any programming background. This way the user can control 100% of the bot's actions for any poker situation. The Bonus Bots forum has many free profiles available that are quite good, and an active marketplace where the members sell and trade profiles (not to mention add-on software such as automatic table-hoppers and SNG joiners).


Another popular type of online poker bot requires a third party software decision brain; the most widely used is Online Poker Inspector - affectionately known as "OPI" among poker bot enthusiasts. The problem with these programs is that the decision-programming is limited to what these 3rd party software programs are capable of. Consequently they are markedly inferior to a bot that was programmed up from scratch by a top player. These come and go, but because there are much better bots available, OPI bots are pretty much dead.


On the other hand, if you are a programmer yourself and just want a head start on building a winning bot, then you will probably be happy with Open Holdem. This is a working poker bot platform which requires Python and C/C++ programming knowledge in order to complete the playing profile and configure the software for use and different poker rooms. This route is both challenging and rewarding, but you are looking at quite a project before you have a winning program on your hands. Open Holdem is open source and thus free, but its for hi-tech geeks only.


Bonus Hunting


The $500+ sign-up bonus at most online poker rooms is nothing to sneeze at. With a break-even bot (one that doesn't lose), they are fully cashable while you sleep! Just be careful, because if you are using a losing bot you likely won't see any of that bonus and may end up losing money to boot. With a winning bot you should see all of those bonuses as profit, plus some winnings to boot (depending on the strategy you use for cashing them). This all boils down to a few crucial decisions, made over and over again.




Rakeback is a critical element for many pokerbot users. See our Pokerbot Strategies page for more info on this topic.


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